JSKunou Blog is a my personal website dedicated to everything I’m interested in, along with computer tips, guides, and recommendations of anything. All this may include personal trips, pictures of my dogs, my personal opinions, etc. Not to mention, joys and entertainment with video games, anime, shows, and movies.

Aside from hobbies, I will share unorthodox or rare guides which hopefully may help visitors solve certain problems on their computers.

As of 2020, I am incorporating affiliate links to fund the site a little (but just a little).

Who I am

I am a blogger, a gamer, and an artist. I try to take care of my two canines which provide me with all the company that I need. Sadly, one of them has epilepsy, but I never give up on her, but instead, provide her with healthy, nutritional foods and supplements.

I run a few websites all on my own, such as, JSKunou Network, JSK Net Media, Cashie Network, GameWaifus, & My Epileptic Dog. I am also in the process of creating another site with one of my friends (with hopefully more friends joining in) called “Pow Pow Bam Bam!!“.