BlueStacks Under VMWare Player

MEMu: Blue Screen of Death.

NOX: Blue Screen of Death

Android Studio: Blue Screen of Death

BlueStacks: Running under a virtual machine and on the physical machine

I have an AMD Ryzen 2600 CPU. I had tried so many Windows setting combinations to fix my BSoD problems from running Android emulators. MEMu was great for a while for running Fire Emblem Heroes in software mode, but a FEH update made it unable for me to play it like that anymore.

It took me weeks to make ANY Android game app run on an emulator because MEMu, Nox and Android Studio worship Intel CPUs. I was reluctant to try BlueStacks as I thought it was going to be the same as the others.

But then today I found out that, in 2015, people used to run BlueStacks under VMWare. I was blown away. A virtual machine under a virtual machine…?

So I tried it and…wow… I mean, 2D graphics seem to run a little slow, but the 3D graphics run super smooth (but with so-so anti-alias, it seems).

So if BlueStacks was working fine under a virtual machine, then why not try under my physical machine directly?

Well, I went for it and…it works! Works jaw-breaking amazing. Butter, butter smooth. I’m flabbergasted. Just flabbergasted.

No special settings involved on VMWare or my PC. Just like things are suppose to be!

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