Akira Bright 2020

Akira Bright 2020

My original character, Akira Bright. She used to be my mascot for my personal blog. I’ve been working on another site where she’ll take over from there, though. Oh, and I got the pose from Suffolk’s retrofit version from the game Azur Lane.

Anyway, it took me MONTHS! I started since May!! (I finished it yesterday, 8/25). I didn’t have trouble drawing the body or the clothes. At first I was having trouble drawing the hair because of that angle. (On the original drawing, she’s facing straight).

Original Akira Bright artwork from September, 2012.

I also had a lot of trouble coming up with a prettier face. But I couldn’t. I still like the original much, much more.

Line art of Akira Bright 2020
And this is the final version but no coloring!
Cell shaded version of Akira Bright 2020
Cell shaded version! Because I always start cell shaded, so I kept a copy.

And well, what do I think, in the end? Well, I don’t like it. I think I tried too hard. I was never satisfied. I’ll have to try again with a clearer mind. Also, when I get better. I did learn new ways to color! And I’m seeing things as objects a little better, too.

It was a great learning experience, though!

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