Ara Ara, Mitama

Ara Ara, Mitama - fan art of Mitama from Magia Record

This is the beautiful Mitama from Magia Record, a mobile game that ended its service outside of Japan. I originally planned on drawing my top 5 favorite magical girls. However, I was invited to participate in a zine for Ashley Taylor, so I’m drawing 6 instead!

Anyhow, I actually really liked the drawing. My style even looked different (at least to me). But I think it may be because her eyes are too far apart. And her right eye maybe was badly drawn? I can’t tell. Nobody points things out for me, unfortunately.

I like the soft shading on her skin, but skin only. I was learning how to use the regular brush and airbrush on Clip Studio Paint. Problem about that is that I overdid it on the clothes. As for the hair…well…that’s certainly the first time I’ve painted it like that. Not sure I dislike or like it.

Since I’m posting this weeks after finishing it, I may re-color it to cel-shaded only since I liked the simple coloring on the next drawing that I’m close to finishing.

Anyway, this artwork took me a very, very long time to finish. It took me almost 2 months, from August 27th to October 20th. I was recording hundreds of videos of Magia Record (before it ended its service on October 29th). I was also learning how to do brush tool techniques I learned from YouTube. There were other interruptions as well. Both my Raspberry Pi 4 and BMax B2 Plus mini PC were giving me huge problems with their OS crashing. And to top it all off, my XP-Pen Artist 12 graphics tablet was also giving me problems! I had to order another cable, which helped but the USB socket is now faulty.

And so, this is my last completely drawn and colored artwork using the Artist 12~

Lineart of Ara Ara, Mitama artwork
This would be the lineart without colors. Honestly, I like it much more than the colored version. But her right eye (left) is starting to bother me. But overall face, hair, and legs I’m proud of! I’m okay with most of her clothes. For the shoes I had to use a reference heavily to get them “right”.
I like this version very much too. And that random color I chose looks good on her. Anyway, this version is after the sketch, which is why the lines are not smooth. I fixed a lot of things from the rough sketch (below), obviously. But this one has that big problem with her right leg. It’s way thick. I thankfully noticed it on time for the final lineart. Hmm, but maybe I should’ve kept the arm this thick? Maybe I made her too skinny on the final version?
This is the second version of the rough sketch. Major differences are the shoes, part of her clothes on her chest, and that hair thing was missing.
This is the beginning rough sketch. The hair thing I forgot to draw. Oh, and the pose originally came from Sytry from Destiny Child. I was going to draw a hand like the one with the square guideline but ended up with another. That other hand I referenced from Thisbe (also from Destiny Child).
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