Cheerleader Amy Aruha

Sketch of Amy Aruha from Grand Chase as a cheerleader

Sketch fan artwork of Amy from Grand Chase, as a cheerleader.

I had a little fun drawing this one. She has long, wacky hair. Her face is too long, though. I also don’t like how I drew her hair bangs. Her upper torso came out just great, though. I am proud of that, at least.

This isn’t my first time drawing her, though.

Old artwork

Sexy Grand Chase Amy Aruha
Grand Chase Amy

Grand Chase…man, was I addicted to that MMORPG…

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Kunou is a website owner of numerous sites in progress. He loves his dogs, video games, computers, and some anime. As one of his introverted hobbies, he knows how to draw a little.

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