Daisy’s Pie Artwork

Well, yesterday was Frank’s birthday so I decided to draw for him with my new XP-Pen Artist 12 display tablet. I was only going to sketch it but… Well, as I had finished inking it, I thought coloring would be really fast.

Daisy's Pie - Colored artwork for Frank's birthday

The artwork’s name is Daisy’s Pie. Frank actually drew his version for me as a guide. Located here on his Twitter: twitter.com/Gallagon

Simple coloring (no shading) took me about an hour. Yeah, I’m very slow. Having to be careful not to color outside the lines was a chore. However, drawing, inking and coloring is still way, way faster than drawing with a mouse and using the Pen Tool (on Photoshop).

Daisy's Pie sketch
This is the sketch. I don’t like drawing guys but…I actually felt the opposite when drawing this one. I had a really rough beginning when I started with Princess Daisy. Whereas with Frank, I drew him as a shape from the body first (not the head). It simplified things much better.

This would be my 3rd artwork done with the tablet.

Daisy's Pie - Colored artwork for Frank's birthday
This is the inked and colored version. I finished it last night. I’m just noticing the mistakes a lot better than before.
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