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Girly Daisy - JS-Kunou Blog

Girly Daisy

Girly Daisy

I didn’t have much time to draw, but I needed to come up with something for Frank’s birthday. Just a little something, at least.

He’s a huge fan of Princess Daisy, so it’s no brainer to draw the tomboy.

I don’t really like drawing the two main Nintendo princesses. Their art style are way too simple. I tried coming up with something different. Be more free and maybe original. But I still wasn’t pleased in the end. Ah well. Maybe when I get much better at drawing.

Also, the pose comes from Azur Lane’s Jersey’s pose. I used guidelines (see below), so it was pretty easy to draw the pose.

Girly Daisy (rough sketch)
Rough sketch. Used guidelines to mimic the same pose from Azur Lane’s Jersey.
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Kunou is a website owner of numerous sites in progress. He loves his dogs, video games, computers, and some anime. As one of his introverted hobbies, he knows how to draw a little.

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