Girly Daisy

Girly Daisy

I didn’t have much time to draw, but I needed to come up with something for Frank’s birthday. Just a little something, at least.

He’s a huge fan of Princess Daisy, so it’s no brainer to draw the tomboy.

I don’t really like drawing the two main Nintendo princesses. Their art style are way too simple. I tried coming up with something different. Be more free and maybe original. But I still wasn’t pleased in the end. Ah well. Maybe when I get much better at drawing.

Also, the pose comes from Azur Lane’s Jersey’s pose. I used guidelines (see below), so it was pretty easy to draw the pose.

Girly Daisy (rough sketch)
Rough sketch. Used guidelines to mimic the same pose from Azur Lane’s Jersey.


Kunou is a website owner of numerous sites in progress. He loves his dogs, video games, computers, and some anime. As one of his introverted hobbies, he knows how to draw a little.

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