HMS Illustrious – Aircraft Carrier

HMS Illustrious – Aircraft Carrier from the UK in the 1930s. This ship sunk an Ita…Huh? Oh, right. Yes, she’s a ship. A shipgirl!

Fan artwork of HMS Illustrious - aircraft carrier from Azur Lane

Unfortunately, I’m not entirely happy with it. The lower torso is a problem. I tried fixing it but I was only able to do so much without drawing the whole torso again.

…Or should I say, I don’t like the dress. I like the legs, but that dress and waist looks bad.

illustrious rough sketch
I actually really, really like the rough sketch.
illustrious rough sketch 2
More details in the rough sketching phase…
HMS Illustrious original before fix
This is the original before I had help with Toadsili’s feedback. Notice how the waist looks wrong out of place.
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