Touching Words from My Smash Sensei

Me: “A good tactician has nothing to fear.”

Dude, you tire me.

Jovany: LOL

Me: I have to activate all my senses in order to give you a decent fight.

Jovany: Same.


I’m done for today, Javi.

Me: Good call because I don’t know how long I can keep this up.

Jovany: You bested me.

*About 2 minutes & 3/4s later, literally*

Me: I’ve never heard you say that in my life.

Are you okay? Fever?


Jovany: You got the hang of me, and on top of that, you showed me new moves.

No man, you are playing very good.

On February 17th, at 8:54pm, Jovany (my Smash sensei), Luis and I were having 1 on 1s in turns. Luis left half the session with just Jovany and me battling it out.

I wasn’t using any of my main fighters. I just didn’t feel like it. I felt like using Robin (hence the tactician quote above).

For the very first time in my whole Smash Bros. life, I was beating Jovany about 2/3rds of the time. Heck, before this year, I could NEVER beat Jovany. Well, not never but I would very rarely win against him. And when I won, it was usually because of him not paying attention. He’s really good.

It all started when I beat him best out of three back on January 19, 2019. This is the battle recording of us playing locally (with Yayo just watching). I remember I was in a very good mood and having a lot of fun playing with my friends. Sadly, I think this was the last day that they had visited me. My plans would always be ruined, so I couldn’t invite them.

Anyway, I’ve been noticing that I do much better when I play for fun. Much, much better. Definitely.

After that, I started being more confident fighting my sensei. I would win against him more and more. Though of course, he would always win most of the matches.

But back to Feb. 17, that night I took the lead. I was having fun. I was in a very good mood, too. I didn’t let my victories go to my head, though, because I knew it would screw up with my mood and progress. I stopped until Jovany threw in the white towel. And when he gave me those praises, I felt touched.

I felt touched because I always wanted to be a good rival for him. He’s very good at fighting games and we both love the Super Smash Bros. series. Hell, I’d try so hard to beat him that I even ended up hating both the game and him for months. Seriously. I was that upset with never being able to beat him in Smash.

We stopped playing Smash Bros. on Wii U in 2016 and never played again until a week after Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was already released. I think I stopped talking to him for…hmm…I want to say half a year, perhaps.

For Ultimate, I had decided right away that I didn’t want to take the game series seriously anymore. It would only get me in a really foul mood and become ridiculous and immature.

Sadly, my recordings for that night weren’t recorded. I don’t know why my capture card didn’t.

All other best fights with Jovany are located here, though.

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