Universal Studios Hollywood Trip: Part 4 – Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Horror Nights 01: Welcome to Silent Hill

Right after eating lunch at CityWalk while the park was temporarily closed, we started heading back to the theme park at Universal Studios Hollywood for our adventure of Halloween Horror Nights! But before going in, we had to wait in line while each and every person was inspected for prohibited items inside U.S.H. This time, not even water bottles were allowed. Nonsense? Absolutely! Each of us also had a 5-Hour Energy bottle that Gab provided us with, but unfortunately, those had to be thrown away as wel! Lucky for me, though, I was told that I could quickly drink it before going in, and so I did. My friends were in front of me, so they werenít so lucky. Thirdís the charm?

We then went through the gate after showing our tickets again, and to my surprise, Universal Studios Hollywood looked completely different! It was amazing! Halloween Horror Nights makes the entire theme park feel almost completely different than from the day time. I really wasnít expecting much from this event. How great to be wronged! Check the YouTube video below. Video doesnít give it justice but at least it gives you a little taste just in case youíd be interested in Halloween Horror Nights.

Universal Studios Hollywood ó Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride

Our first destination…oops! We made a mistake. Gab checked the map and thought that the Silent Hill maze was located near the Mummy ride. We were looking around for a special line for the maze, but since there were hardly any people in line, we just decided to take this ride again on the Revenge of the Mummy. It was quick, so it was worth it. Though unfortunately, there were really rude teenagers shutting people off when they were screaming.

Halloween Horror Nights ó Silent Hill Maze

HHN 02: Silent Hill Sign Halloween Horror Nights 03: Silent Hill Nurse 1 Yes! The very first thing I wanted to experience here at Halloween Horror Night! I wouldnít say Iím a huge fan of Silent Hill (Iíve only played the Wii version) but since I relate more to games than movies, this one had to be my first choice. I also liked the movie since I think it is the only movie based on a game that actually respected the game series (unlike the Super Mario Bros. Movie and others).

Iíve never actually been to a maze before, so I didnít know what to really expect. These mazes consist of walking in a linear fashion inside an area with monsters popping out of walls, doors and corners. For the Silent Hill maze, we got monsters and/or the undead, including (but not limited to): Colin the Janitor (from the movie), the sexy nurses, and the most awesome monster, Pyramid Head. ĎLove that guy.

I recorded video of the entire maze, however, since the camera does not have night vision, the quality is terrible. I did manage to brighten in up a bit with Adobe Premiere Pro but it still looks awful. Itís always better to visit Halloween Horror Nights yourself.

HHN 04 Silent Hill Nurses

Halloween Horror Nights ó Terror Tram

Terror Tram is actually the Halloween Horror Nights version of Studio Tour. The difference is that the tram ride is really short since it drops people off near the Norman Bates motel where these zombies from The Walking Dead are roaming around scaring people. These zombies are also eating people alive and fighting for meat. But itís a real shame that no one is allowed to take flash photography. Although, it does make sense since itís suppose to be real dark and spooky to retain the terror experience.

Halloween Horror Nights 05: Norman Bates Motel HHN 06: Norman Bates Motel with the Walking Dead Zombie Halloween Horror Nights 07: Norman Bates House 1 HHN 08: Norman Bates House 2

Halloween Horror Nights ó Bill & Tedís Excellent Halloween Adventure

Bill & Tedís Excellent Halloween Adventure… Well, to be honest, I hardly enjoyed this theatrical play. Iím really not into musicals whatsoever. They did have a lot of comedy involved, sure, but they just werenít funny to me. But to be fair, my tastes in comedy are very different compared to the general public. Iím just not into vulgar, adult jokes and all. The comedy was very Comedy Central like. If youíre into that, then you wouldíve enjoy this play. But wasnít this movie series rated PG-13 and not R? Weird.

Anyway, I did have a couple of laughs at one point, actually. Batman and Justin Beaver (actors) appeared with Batman talking gibberish to Justin. It was hilarious because he was exaggerating Christian Baleís Batman voice! Justin Beaver was very hilarious as well because the other cast were making fun of his girlish looks and child-like attitude. If you donít like Justin Beaver ó such as myself ó then you wouldíve had a kick out of it too. Nonetheless, that was the only fun I had from this long and mostly boring play. This was officially the first and only event at Universal Studios Hollywood that I did not enjoy and regret going to.

Halloween Horror Nights ó Universal Monster Remix

The Universal Monster Remix maze was all right. There were a lot of classic monsters around like the one from Frankenstein and his lair too. The most I remember is this room full of evil dolls from actual movies. I remember puppets and Chucky the most. I took pictures but without flash photography they look just plain awful. Iím really going to need a high-end camera that has night vision just for future trips to Halloween Horror Nights. Definitely.

HHN 09: Universal Monster Remix Frankenstein MonsterHHN 10: Universal Monster Remix UnknownHHN 11 Universal Monster Remix Evil DollsHHN 12: Universal Monster Remix Frankenstein Lair 1
HHN 13: Universal Monster Remix Frankenstein Lair 2HHN 14: Universal Monster Remix Bloody ManHHN 15: Universal Monster Remix Skeleton
HHN 16: Universal Monster Remix Redhead
Redhead monster that scared Gab at Universal Monster Remix.

Halloween Horror Nights ó The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Maze

Wow. The huge line we had to wait in to get into this one…! It was already 12:42 a.m. We were really tired by now. It took us 71 minutes to finally enter the maze. Our feet were killing us! And why did we run and not used the electric stairway before waiting in line…??

At least I had a chance to take some photo shots of the ride from Jurassic Park from a high angle:

HHN 17: Jurassic Park Ride WaterfallHHN 18: Jurassic Park Ride Splash

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre maze inside a house was great, though. As soon as we got in, we started smelling this horrible stench from inside the house. Gab then told me it was the smell of dead animals. Wow. Universal Studios Hollywood doesnít mess around! I also loved the details that were in the original movie, such as the seat made out of human bones, live bodies hanging, small chicken cages, meat hanging, and other stuff I canít remember at the moment. I also remember the father from the crazy family staring at me (caught on video)! His youngest son was busy torturing the poor woman on the table (just like in the movie). It was awesome.

I recorded the whole maze on video but the quality is really bad. I improved the brightness with Premiere Pro but the software canít do miracles.

Halloween Horror Nights ó Transformers: The Ride-3D

Iím not a real fan of Transformers but this ride was really one heck of a good one! Similar to The Simpsons ride but with more special effects and mobility. The car on this one also moves sideways and into other rooms, if I remember correctly. It definitely feels more advanced. However, I wonder why the screen is not in HD? Itís really blurry. The Shrek 4-D and Terminator 3D were the same. Theyíre all in standard definition! One would think they would go HD already but they havenít. I was quite disappointed on that.

Halloween Horror Nights ó Alice Cooper Maze

Our feet were killing us but we had one more thing to stop at before Halloween Horror Nights ended at Universal Studios Hollywood. We checked the time boards, and unfortunately, La Llorona had an exaggerated waiting time in line on display. I wouldíve preferred going to Jurassic Park: The Ride or The Simpsons Ride again but my friends only wanted to visit placed we havenít been in, so they chose the Alice Cooper maze.

Iím not a fan of Alice Cooper and I hardly know who he is, so the maze wasnít really interesting to me. I remember a lot of colors, psychedelic themes, some monsters, and other really weird stuff. My friends (one of them being a fan) werenít that amused either. The Silent Hill and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre mazes were definitely the best ones (to our experience). Back when we were waiting in line for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre maze, these three guys were telling us that La Llorona was their favorite. Too bad we didnít get to that one! Time is very unforgiving.

All Good Things Must End

After Alice Cooper’s maze, it was sadly time to start heading out of Universal Studios Hollywood. But right before we left, Glenn wanted to walk around some streets to get scared again from the monster cosplayers. I was dead tired so that was annoying me. Ha ha. I just wanted to leave and sleep now!

So my thoughts on Halloween Horror Nights in general? Well, the atmosphere of the park is amazing. It feels like a totally new place compared to the day. There’s loud, creepy music with monsters, zombies, murderers and clowns trying their best to scare everyone they come across. Sadly, I didn’t enjoy everything that went on. Out of the seven hours at Halloween Horror Nights, we only enjoyed 8 events. These special mazes had really long waiting lines that took most of our time. A Front-of-the-Line Pass would be suitable to enjoy everything that is to be offered.

Halloween Horror Nights 19: Silent Hill Nurse 2Halloween Horror Nights 20: La LloronaHHN 21: Crazy Monster

Halloween Horror Nights was so special that I think I would only like to visit it every 5 years. Would I recommend just going to HHN without the day pass? Absolutely not. I still prefer the day pass because of the extra hours and less waiting time in line per each ride, play or event. I definitely recommend getting the whole day pass if you really want to visit HHN. Seven hours for HHN just doesn’t cut it.

Halloween Horror Nights 22: Universal Studios Hollywood Sign

We left the park, went to Inglewood to drop Gab, and then to Pomona to spend the rest of the night sleeping at Glenn’s aunt’s place. We slept for 4 hours, then talked about how great of a day we had at the park, then slept again for another 4 hours. We then left Pomona soon after the sun went down and I was then taken back home.

And that’s that for my trip to Universal Studios Hollywood. It was my first trip to a theme park with my friends. This is a trip I will never soon forget.

Tip! If you’re one day planning on going to Universal Studios Hollywood (with our without Halloween Horror Nights included), buy your tickets ONLINE on their official site! Trust me, they’re a lot cheaper than in the theme park booths. They even say so on their site!

Universal Studios Hollywood official site is located here.

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