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Reviving My Personal Blog - JS-Kunou Blog

Reviving My Personal Blog

Well, it’s been 5 years since I last posted here. Man, how does time go by so fast? Anyway, but why have I decided to revive my blog?

Well, since August of 2018, I had decided to become a full fledged blogger. I am incomparibly much more knowledgeable about things, have had more experiences and…well, I love the idea of working at home and sharing my thoughts, experiences, experiments, hobbies, reviews, and whatever else!

I am in the works of 2 new blogs with its own niche, myepilepticdog.com, and gamewaifus.com (both not born yet). I will revive my cashie.net site as well in due time but in no way will I be able to give it much attention as the first two I mentioned.

As for this blog (my personal one) will provide anything to do with me and I will be very subjective on my topics (unlike the others) as this is not a niche blog. It’s a personal blog. I’ll just talk whatever I want and has to do with me.

Depending on the category, some posts will be helpful. If I talk about computers, it will most likely be helpful. Or sometimes I will talk about my healthier eating habits that some health-conscious people would find interesting.

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Kunou is a website owner of numerous sites in progress. He loves his dogs, video games, computers, and some anime. As one of his introverted hobbies, he knows how to draw a little.

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